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Level 1 Rifle

l1rifleLevel 1 Rifle is a 1-day training course covering a broad range of topics dealing with general rifle or carbine use.

Designed for the student who has little or no experience using rifles or carbines, we will start at the beginning with basic rifle marksmanship principles, sighting in and establishing a "zero" for your rifle. Then, after students are comfortable with the operation of their rifles and are sighted in, we will progress into different shooting positions and targets set at varying distances. Day ends with optional rifle maintenance and cleaning.

Any modern production rifle is allowed in this course, including pistol caliber carbines, lever action rifles and bolt action rifles.

Class Dates:
March 12, 2017-Sorry! Class Full!
May 7, 2017
July 23, 2017
October 8, 2017

Tuition: $185

1/2 Price Retakes Given
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Level One Rifle Equipment List
  1. A modern production rifle.
  2. 150 rounds of ammunition
  3. Gun cleaning supplies
  4. Ear protection, wrap-around safety glasses (eye protection) and a brimmed ball cap.
  5. Notebook and pen
  6. Please bring a sack lunch and beverages--we will eat during classroom lecture.

Classes Starting On

Fri Sep 08
Precision Rifle
Sun Oct 08
Level 1 Rifle
Sat Oct 28
Tactical Rifle

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