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Precision Rifle

In 2016, we combined our Precision Rifle 1 and Precision Rifle 2 classes into one intensive, 3-day, 30 hour course of instruction, which has since proven very popular and often fills early, so don't wait too long to register. By combining sessions we do not have to spend a half a day on review and re-zeroing, and with our new, improved rifle ranges, we are able to accomplish all we did before with this one course.

Content for this combined Precision Rifle course includes:
Rifle marksmanship principles for prone and field positions, along with use of the marksman’s sling and engaging moving targets at different distances and speeds.

Once the class establishes their rifle data for distances from 50 to 400 yards, we participate in a variety of different exercises, including target identification, rapid fire precision shot placement, awkward positions and weak hand shooting, as well as a low-light portion of the class on Saturday evening.

This is a three-day immersion course. Training proceeds well into Saturday night to afford students the uncommon experience of rifle night fireand starts up again Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Students should consider camping or staying at the range facility with sleeping bag and pad to sleep in the classroom, or RV or tent.

Course offered for the serious rifle shooter or previously certified police sniper who wants two full days of relevant training.
Background check, police ID or CCL required, plus references for non-law enforcement personnel. Click Read More link to view equipment requirements.

Class Dates:
April 28-30, 2017
Sept. 8-10, 2017

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Precision Rifle Equipment List
  1. A high quality center-fire rifle capable of minute of angle accuracy, (M.O.A.) along with a good rifle scope with click adjustable knobs. Magnum rifles are not recommended due to the volume of fire of this class.
  2. 400 rounds of good quality ammunition, capable of minute of angle accuracy. Steel cased ammunition is specifically NOT allowed, or is steel core ammunition. We know ammunition is expensive, but you will waste the money you spent for the class if you buy cheap ammunition.
  3. Gun cleaning equipment with a solid, one piece coated rod. We will clean guns twice a day during class.
  4. Ear protection (both ear muffs and foam plugs) and wrap-around safety glasses (eye protection). Try them out with your rifle in prone position, so you know they will work for you.
  5. High quality flashlight with extra batteries.
  6. Pad for lying prone. We recommend self-inflating mattresses, suitable for camping. There will be a lot of time spend lying on the ground on your stomach. You might as well be comfortable.
  7. Clothing appropriate for a considerable amount of time outdoors.
  8. A sleeping bag, foam sleeping pad, and your other personal amenities for use if you choose to stay overnight at the range.
  9. Notebook and pen.
  10. Please bring food and beverages sufficient for a full 36-hour period.

Spotting scope; Bipod; Rifle data book; Ultimate Sniper by Major John Plaster published by Paladin Press (book highly recommended; will answer many of the questions you may now have about precision marksmanship).

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Fri Sep 08
Precision Rifle
Sun Oct 08
Level 1 Rifle
Sat Oct 28
Tactical Rifle

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