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Many myths surround the combat shotgun. This eight hour course will dispel these myths, replacing them with the correct knowledge and skills necessary to use the shotgun for self-defense or law enforcement duty.

In addition to learning the operation of the shotgun and correct shooting techniques, students will "pattern" their shotgun, understand the penetration potential of the various types of shotgun ammunition and practice shooting from behind cover and at multiple targets. Students will see the accuracy potential of the shotgun, along with understanding how shot patterning effects the tactical use of the shotgun in self defense and hostage situations.

Class Dates:
April 2, 2017
Oct. 22, 2017

1/2 Price Retakes Given
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Defensive Shotgun Equipment List
The combat shotgun is one of the easiest weapons to learn to shoot, but also one of the hardest to truly master. In Advanced Defensive Shotgun we will train the student in the following areas of tactical shotgun use: long range shotgunning, moving targets, multiple targets, multiple hits, low light, use of horizontal and vertical cover both strong side and weak side, moving and shooting and man-on-man competitions. Program includes opportunity to challenge your skills against the FAS Shotgun Master Test (detailed under the Read More link below).

Prerequisites: our Defensive Shotgun course, or equivalent from another school. Students who are slightly built may want to consider purchasing a PAST recoil pad, due to the amount of shooting we do in this course. Student will be required to present a state-issued license to carry a concealed handgun, military or police identification or other form of background check prior to participation.

Class Date: Aug. 26-27, 2017

1/2 Price Retakes Given
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Advanced Defensive Shotgun Equipment List
darkriflehostageThis five-day course is being offered for the first time in 2017, to certify the private sector (or law enforcement) instructor in the methods and methodology that the Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. has been using successfully over 20 years. Director of Training Marty Hayes has taken advanced level and instructor training in shotgun and rifle from most of the top names and schools in the firearms training business, along with having competed nationally in both disciplines, and based on this experience he has taken the best of each instructor or school and combined it into one of the most comprehensive shotgun and rifle curriculums in the industry.

Pre-requisites: Minimum of 40 hrs of training in both rifle and shotgun, along with experience competing in practical rifle and/or shotgun competition or other advanced skills. Instructor candidates will need to successfully pass both a written and shooting test to receive certification as an instructor. Unsuccessfully candidates will receive an Instructor Development certification.

NOTE: This program is NOT designed to certify people to teach at The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. We have a separate two-year apprenticeship program for that process. Instead, the course is designed to increase the independent or law enforcement instructor to successful train his or her students with these weapons systems.

Class Date: July 31 - Aug. 4, 2017
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Long-gun Instructor Development: Equipment List

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