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Close Quarters Carbine

Our second level of rifle/carbine training, enthusiastically received when introduced in 2007, centers on using the .223 semi-auto carbine for close range encounters, from 3 to 25 yards. Subject matter includes movement, moving targets, 360-degree awareness and target engagement, along with multiple targets, low-light shooting, search techniques, transition to handgun and hostage rescue concerns. Use of cover and stress exercises are also included. Students will also have the opportunity to take the FAS Rifle Master Test (detailed below under the Read More link) at the end of the second day.

Prerequisites: This course requires the student to have completed Level 1 Rifle or equivalent, along with Level 2: Defensive Handgun or equivalent. Student will be required to present background check to prove no felony record, which may include a state-issued license to carry a concealed handgun, military or police identification or other form of background check prior to participation. Call before class if you have questions.

Note about .308 caliber rifles in Close Quarters Carbine class: There is a component of this class incorporating extremely rapid fire/high round count firing drills, and we believe the .308, while a great battle rifle cartridge, is not suitable for this class due to the recoil of the rifle and the effect it has on the shooter in these particular drills. We strongly urge a .223 caliber rifle, but if you choose to go with the .308, at least have the good sense to get a PAST recoil pad for your shoulder!

Class Date: August 15-16, 2015

1/2 Price Retakes Given
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Close Quarters Carbine Equipment List
  1. Semi-automatic rifle with at least three magazines. We have seen that .223 rifles of the AR-15 configuration do best in this class, though others have done all right, also. Please note that fixed sights operate on parity with guns equipped with optics in this class. Starting in 2014, rifles must NOT be equipped with muzzle brake compensators which vent gasses backwards. Flash hiders/suppressors are okay.
  2. 800 rounds rifle ammunition and 50 rds. pistol ammo.
  3. Handgun, belt holster and magazines.
  4. Rifle sling.
  5. Ear protection (you may want plugs and ear muffs) and wrap-around safety glasses (eye protection)
  6. Kneepads.
  7. A billed baseball cap
  8. Clothing appropriate for a considerable amount of time outdoors.
  9. A pen and notebook
  10. Your lunch and beverages.
  11. Note: If your rifle is equipped with an optical sighting device, please bring the owner’s manual for the device to aid in sight-in and adjustments.
Test One: Marksmanship Test
Test One, Part A: Using BT5S target (either orange insert or gray, students choice) student shoots 10 rounds in 60 seconds prone, (may use sandbag or bi-pod). Move to 50 yard line.
Test One, Part B: Student shoots 2 rounds standing without support, 2 rounds right side cover, 2 rounds left side cover, 2 rounds kneeling and 2 rounds sitting. Total of 10 shots. Time: 90 seconds
Scoring: To pass, student must score as follows:
With scoped rifle: 195 points, (Out of possible 200)
With unscoped rifle: 190 points (Out of possible 200)
Test Two Close Quarters Carbine Skills
Test Two, Part A: Using 3 BT5S targets, spaced 2 yards, edge to edge. At 25 yards, student fires 2 rounds at each target, reloads and fired 2 rounds at each target. Total time, 15 seconds. Repeat. Move to 15 yards.
Test Two, Part B.
String One: Student fires two shots to body and one at head, at first of three targets, in 3 seconds. Then repeat on target two, and repeat on target three.
String Two: Student fires one shot at each of three targets, in 3 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
Scoring: To pass Test Two, all hits must be in the 9-ring, with 3 hits in head, (inside the non-scoring border).
NOTE: 50 rounds total. All shooting starts from low ready (45 degree), safety on, finger indexed on frame of rifle. All timing is done via stop watch, with reaction times not included in times to complete drill.

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