The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. hosts events at our range in Onalaska, WA, and travels around the country to teach other classes. Below are short descriptions of the events we are currently hosting or teaching. Please follow the links below for more information. If you would like us to host your group or would like us to come to your facility, please contact us.

Gunsite at FAS

This offsite class is a unique introduction to Gunsite training. The 150 Pistol class is 3 days of Gunsite teaching methods covering the Modern Technique of the pistol!

This is an excellent opportunity for first time students to learn Gunsite doctrine. It is also a great refresher for our alumni graduates. If you have always wanted the Gunsite Experience, this is your chance to do so while limiting your travel and time.

We will cover the Combat Triad – marksmanship, gun handling and mindset. As with all our courses, safety will drive everything we do as you progress during 3 days of the world‘s premier pistol training.

Dates: August 16, 2019 - August 18, 2019


Deadly Force Instructor

Taught in person by Massad Ayoob, this one week 40+ hour course of instruction is offered by the Massad Ayoob Group in conjunction with The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. to teach and certify self-defense firearms instructors in the complicated and nuanced discipline of teaching the legalities of use of deadly force in self-defense. Teaching how to shoot is the easy part. Much tougher is teaching people when and when not to use force, including deadly force, in self defense. In addition to learning what to teach and how to present it, students will also learn how to take their expertise to court, to both serve as a material witness for their students, and perhaps an expert witness in other self-defense court cases.

Venue TBA - Hosted by: Jose Morales:

Venue TBA - Hosted by: Wes Lagomarcino


2019 WA State IDPA Championship

We are excited to host the WA State IDPA Championships again in 2019. Please follow the link below for more info.


IDPA and 3-Gun

FAS hosts monthly IDPA matches on the second Saturday and Western Washington 3-Gun hosts 3 gun matches on the second Sunday of every month from February to October. Please follow one of the links below for more info.


NW Regional Rangemaster Tactical Conference (NW TAC-CON)

After a very successful event in 2018, we are tentatively planning to host another NW Regional Rangemaster Tac-Con in 2020.


Past Events:

2018 Washington State IDPA Chamionship

2018 Rangemaster Tactical Conference