Dear State Championship Competitors:

Final Thoughts…

Thank-you everyone who have taken the time to thank me (and by extension the match team) for putting on the match.  A year ago, when I volunteered to take on the Match Director duties, and the other clubs in WA did not object, I had no idea how much time it would consume, not only for me, but also the FAS staff and volunteer match staff.  The learning curve was very steep, especially for Belle and Erik for the admin stuff and stats, but we kind of expected that.  I also back then committed in my mind to do this more than once, assuming this one came off okay.  And by your comments, it seems to have done just that.  So, with that in mind, I am announcing “Same Time, Same Place” next year, unless another club wants to host.  I have not heard of any others, so let’s get together again, okay?

When Don and I were tearing down the stages over the last couple of days, we had a lot of time to talk about next year.  And here is what we are thinking… A tier 4 match, 12 stages, 180+ rounds with the same shooting times format.  We will just have to start a half an hour earlier in the morning, and go a little later each day to accomplish it.  I think it is important to have these higher level matches in the Northwest, so people can get points to qualify for Nationals, so that is why we have decided to step it up another notch.

With that in mind, If you want to be an SO or CSO, please let me know now.  You can e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and at the same time, please include This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I have decided that we would be better off with the traditional Friday SO/CSO shoot, and then have a 2-person team do the SOing on Sat. and Sun.  I did it this way this time to allow at least half the volunteers to not have to spend Friday night here, but we ended up short on SOs.  To put one or two SOs in each squad, plus the CSO for the stage, meant 45 SOs total.  So, instead we will have an SO/CSO team for each of the 12 stages, meaning we only need 24 total.  And, we will waive the match fee for all SOs and Admin positions.  Lastly, if you want to run a stage with a buddy, then let me know that you come as a pair, okay?  If we have more volunteers than spots, I will get together with a couple of the match staff and we will have to decide.  We will base our decision on experience first, of course.  The most experienced SOs the better, for a Tier 4 match. (Please mention your SO experience).   Also, FAS is expecting to pick up lunches for the SO’s and match staff this time around.  Should have done it last year, didn’t even think about it!

We also have been advised the Chrono staff of Doug, Richard and Terry want to do it again, so that spot is taken.  Thanks guys.

Need Stages Too

You all know the bays we have to work with now, so designing stages should be a little easier.  We had lots of good comments on the stages this year, but in my opinion they were lacking some movers, turners, etc.  I want to take the stages to another notch.  We had 3 long movement stages, and I would like to cut those down a little, but add in a little more complexity.  I also expect to add in more targets with hard cover, to make the shots a little more difficult.  A stage IMO, at a stage championship should be challenging for the Master class shooter, but also able to be completed for the Marksman.  So, if you would like to design a stage, there you go.  I reserve Bay 1 and the Low Light Range for my own stages, (already have them sketched out in my mind).  You can expect to see a double mover in Bay One, along with perhaps a few other moving targets.  More pick up gun stages, (maybe even with a double pick-up gun concept from Walther.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?)

Additional Recognition for SSP Sharpshooters

As mentioned at awards ceremony, somehow we failed to order enough plaques for the SSP-Sharpshooter division.  Typically when I screw up I can learn from my mistakes, but I have no clue how this happened.  Normally I just blame Belle, but she had nothing to do with this one.  I have ordered plaques for the following shooters, who should have received them after the match.  Sorry that they will have to come in the mail.  Good shooting guys, hope to see you next year! 

Brian Thompson  4th  SSP SS

Elton Crowder   5th  SSP SS

Wenzeng Wei    6th  SSP SS

Tony Anderson  7th  SSP SS

Josh Miller also deserves a plaque for 2nd sharpshooter CCP.  Turned out several MA/EX changed to CCP at the last minute, and so that division/class should have had their own awards, and not have the Sharpshooters lumped up into the MA/EX.  But, I guess it is our fault, because we did not make a fine line cut-off for switching guns at the last minute.  Next year we will announce a cut off time, (right before I order trophies).

Carry Optics is not accepted at IDPA HQ.  Our stats guy Erik says that the IDPA uploading match scores link would not recognize CO as a division.  With this in mind, I am not sure how or even if your results will be listed.  We will work on it with IDPA HQ.

Match Bumps

From the current rule book:  M-4.1  “For match promotions the ratio is 1:9.  The 1st place competitor must beat 9 shooters in their division and class, or higher. 2nd place requires beating 18 entrants, 3rd place requires beating 27 shooters, etc.”

According to the above and as best as I can decipher, the following people get match bumps.


Tiffany Venters (SS to EX)

Scott Lipsett (SS to EX)

Sung Hong (MM to SS)

Adam Zelik (MM to SS)

Jonathan Tran (MM to SS)


Mark Ristine (SS to EX)

Tygh Hollinger (SS to EX)

Patrick Walker (SS to EX)

Doug Wilke (MM to SS)

Corey Bartlett (MM to SS)

Dane Sands (MM to SS)


Larry DeChant (SS to EX)

Jacob Rodriguez (MM to SS)

Justin Hill (ESP EX), Stephen Dobek (CDP SS), and Bonnie Sare (ESP SS) were extremely close to getting match bumps.

One more thing.  When cleaning up, we found a Green Propper Polo Shirt, 3XL.  It is a nice shirt, if it is yours, let me know, and we will send it to you.  If you don’t let me know, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing it some time.  It is a nice shirt.

So, that will wrap up the 2018 WA State IDPA Championship.  Reserve the dates for next year, Aug. 10 and 11.  We will likely open registration for the match first week in January, so stay alert for the announcement!

Marty Hayes, Match Director

2018 WA State IDPA Championship