Mike Pannone 1-Day Low Light Concealment RDS Course

Note: Registration is through the instructor's website. A $20 per person, per day, range fee will be due the morning of the first day of class.


From the instructor: *** This is for intermediate and above level of skill. If you’ve taken a reputable class from a recognized instructor you are fine: Some but not all are Pat Mac, Chuck Pressburg, Rick Hogg, Scott Jedlinski, Dan Brokos, Kyle Lamb, Bill Blowers, Frank Procter, Kyle Defoor, Drew Estell, Matt Little or comparable ***

Advanced low-light applications for Covert Carry with an emphasis on surgical speed from concealment. The course is designed to safely make you an extremely competent legal concealed handgun carrier (civilian, military or law enforcement) in a lowlight environment and give a foundation of drills and concepts for you to maintain your skills at your own range. The concepts presented day 1 will be used during this training as well.

Equipment Required:

Serviceable handgun/handguns in 9x19 or larger

*** No competition trigger jobs only duty carry are suitable for day 2 on striker fired guns. For reference a 3.5# connector and internal polishing on a Glock or comparable on other striker fired guns is all that will be allowed. Competition trigger jobs on striker fired concealed carry guns are not suitable for this class***

Concealment holster

Minimum of 4 magazines

Minimum of 3 magazine pouches (4-5 recommended) ***covert carry pouch must be designed for concealment***

Dark and clear eye pro (for different lighting conditions)

Hearing protection (electric is highly recommended)

Hat (optional but recommended)

500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Pistol mounted flashlight and hand-held flashlight. At a minimum a good quality handheld is required.


Event Date 04-16-2021
Event End Date 04-16-2021
Individual Price $300.00
Location Firearms Academy Range

Venue - Firearms Academy Range

Please note that this is a private range.  There is no public access, other than for scheduled classes / events.  Contact us for driving directions, information about the range, or lodging recommendations.

Registration Policy

We are no longer accepting registration for this event