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Chuck Taylor's 2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun

This extremely popular class is limited to only 15 students to provide maximum individual attention to each and every student. You'll spend an action-packed two days on the range and in our tactical simulators, Shooting While Moving Forward, Backwards and to the Right and Left; Engaging Multiple Assailants in both Lateral and Linear Configurations; Dealing with Hostage Situations and Small or Oddly Shaped Targets; Failures To Stop; working with Close Range Emergency Situations; learning how to correctly use Cover and Concealment. In addition, multiple high-intensity tactical simulators and low-light shooting are also emphasized. To keep your shooting, weapon-handling and tactical skills at their best, this particular course is an absolute "must" for anyone serious about self-defense handgunning.
Prerequisites: FAS Level 3: Tactical Handgun or an equivalent from another reputable training facility. Call if you have any question as to whether or not you meet the requirements.

Full equipment list under the Read More link.

Class Date: June 30 - July 1, 2018-Sorry! Class Full!


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About the instructor:

The author of over 5,000 magazine articles, columns and multiple books on weapons & tactics, Chuck Taylor is an Adjunct Professor Of Police Science, Court-Recognized Expert Witness and the first 4-Weapon Combat Master. A qualified parachutist and decorated Vietnam Veteran who served two combat tours in that conflict, he is both Airborne and Ranger qualified, with additional expertise in SWAT and Counter-Terrorist Operations.

As the founder/director of The American Small Arms Academy, Taylor has been involved in the training of tactical and security personnel of a number of both well-known and covert military & police special-operations units. His contributions to the field of combat handgunning are numerous, far-reaching and widely copied. Among his accomplishments in this area are the creation of the Tactical Reload, proven-superior methods of Malfunction Clearing, Multiple Target Engagement and Responses to the left and rear, shooting while moving and the adaptation of the Speed Rock and Stepback into highly effective close-range emergency response procedures.

A sometimes controversial innovator with an unflinching commitment to results, Taylor's techniques are credited with saving the lives of hundreds of law-enforcement officers, military personnel and civilians alike. In fact, as students, many of his professional colleagues learned much of what they know from Taylor. As the Director of The American Small Arms Academy, Taylor can be found either in the field training or conducting research in pursuit of his lifelong goal -- saving lives by advancing the state-of-the-art of combat weaponcraft.

Equipment List:

1. Your own handgun of .380 caliber or larger.
2. Three magazines or speedloaders, plus a belt holder or pouch for them.
3. A belt holster with covered trigger guard (no fanny packs, shoulder holsters, small-of-the-back (SOB) holsters or soft, collapsible inside-the-pants holsters, please).
4. 600 rounds of full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition.
5. Ear protection and wrap-around safety glasses (eye protection).
6. A billed baseball cap.
7. Push-button activated flashlight.
8. A pen and notebook.
9. Your lunch and beverages--we will eat during classroom lecture.

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