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Guest Instructors
janichmikeIn this intensive two-day seminar, Michael Janich will present comprehensive instruction in the critical skills of his Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system of defensive knife use. Unlike traditional knife systems, which focus exclusively on lethality, MBC tactics emphasize reliable, predictable stopping power that keeps you safer sooner. It takes the proven tactics and techniques of the Filipino martial arts and combines them with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy to create a system of knife skills that shuts attackers down quickly and efficiently and is more consistent with the legalities of modern self-defense.

This course will provide step-by-step instruction in the following skills sets:

  • Recognizing common street attacks and programming effective defensive responses
  • Defensive knife selection
  • Knife carry options
  • High-speed knife deployment
  • Efficient cutting dynamics and quantifying the destructive capacity of the knife
  • Vulnerabilities of human anatomy
  • The myths and realities of knife stopping power
  • MBC's “go-to” tactics and critical skills
  • Reflex training drills to accelerate skill development

This course will also include selected skills from Janich’s Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defenses against edged-weapon attacks, how to use these skills to survive long enough to “earn”your weapon draw, and how to use CBC skills as a foundation of close-quarters knife tactics.

Students should bring a purpose-designed training knife—ideally one that replicates the form and mechanical function of their actual carry knife. Other recommended equipment includes eye protection (shooting or shop glasses) and an armguard (Ace bandage or McDavid #478 Neoprene Thigh Wrap).

Class Dates: June 11-12, 2016

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About the instructor:
Taught in person by Massad Ayoob
A high intensity, four-day, 40-hour immersion course in rules of engagement for armed law-abiding private citizens, emphasizing legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management. Classroom topics will include interacting with suspects, witnesses, responding police officers, threat recognition and mind-set, management of social and psychological aftermath after having had to use lethal force in defense of self or others and preparing beforehand for legal repercussions and minimizing exposure to them. Situations in the home, at the place of business, or "on the street" will all be covered.

On the range, livefire instruction is based upon Ayoob's  StressFire handgunning techniques.  After interviewing hundreds of officers who had survived gunfights, Ayoob drew on their experiences, combined with his own extensive research to create a powerful combat handgun system, initially known as the StressFire shooting method. Ayoob's research showed that in life threatening situations, human beings experience profound physical and psychological pressures causing deterioration of fine motor skills, and altering perceptions of time and other sensory inputs. Combining proven shooting techniques with principles from various martial arts styles, StressFire is a system that not only works under the enormous stress of violent encounters but actually feeds off it.

 These techniques are designed to bring out the student's maximum potential for shooting a handgun under stress and to achieve the optimum blend of speed and accuracy.  Students will learn drawing from concealment, two-handed shooting stances, one-handed shooting with either hand, shooting from positions that work from behind cover, speed reloading and more with overall emphasis on fast, accurate shot placement. Training includes completion of a police-style qualification. This instruction is ideal for the shooter who wishes to hone and fine-tune their techniques.  This is not a program for beginners or those new to the handgun; we recommend completion of our Level 2:Defensive Handgun class or equivalent from another reputable firearms training school prior to attending.

Livefire instruction includes--
  • Core Pistol and/or Revolver techniques
  • Emergency reload techniques
  • Several Stances and different grip techniques
  • Shooting with strength and speed
  • Cover positions
  • Shooting at distances from 4 yard to accuracy out to 15 yards
  • Strong hand only as well as weak hand only techniques
  • Alternate sighting techniques for speed and accuracy

Background check must be presented first morning of class.

Prerequisites: Not suitable for beginning shooters; we recommend completion of our Defensive Handgun class or equivalent from reputable instructional resource.

Class Dates: July 21-24, 2016

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About the instructor: 
Guest-instructed by Massad Ayoob.

An intensive study of defensive firearms that teaches extreme speed for hits, and includes shooting at greater distances, and management of such contingencies as weak hand draws, one-hand only reloads and malfunction clearing if wounded, etc. Students receive several hours of hands-on training in handgun disarming, and in countering attempts by an attacker to disarm them. Shooting while moving, and use of long guns for defense, are among the areas covered.

Prerequisites: MAG-20/Classroom plus MAG-20/Live Fire; MAG-40; LFI-I.

Course Dates: July 25-29, 2016
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About the instructor: See biographical information on Armed Citizens' Rules of Engagement class description.

MAG-80 Equipment List:

In this special three-day course, students will work under the tutelege of one of the master precision rifle instructors currently teaching, to learn the proper way to get the most from their precision rifle. Mr. Taylor not only teaches from the perspective of a military and police sniper, but also from the perspective of a big game hunter, who routinely harvests elk, mule and whitetail deer, and wild boar.

Students will obtain detailed data on zeroing their rifles, from 50 to 400 yards, along with using their rifles in simulated field situations. Moving targets, multiple targets and shooting from behind cover in a variety of positions will make up this special 3-day class Mr. Taylor is teaching at FAS this year.

Full equipment list under the Read More link.

Class Date: June 24-26, 2016--Sorry! Class Full!


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About the instructor:

The author of over 5,000 magazine articles, columns and multiple books on weapons & tactics, Chuck Taylor is an Adjunct Professor Of Police Science, Court-Recognized Expert Witness and the first 4-Weapon Combat Master. A qualified parachutist and decorated Vietnam Veteran who served two combat tours in that conflict, he is both Airborne and Ranger qualified, with additional expertise in SWAT and Counter-Terrorist Operations.



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