Thank you for your service to our country

The sacrifices made by our military men and women deserve special recognition. In these times of heightened threat, our soldiers deserve good training before they go in harm’s way. We here at The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. support our soldiers.

To help them prepare, The Firearms Academy of Seattle offers active duty military personnel who are deploying a half price tuition discount. We also extend this offer to Reserves or members of a National Guard unit which has been called up to active duty and received orders to deploy.

Please understand that this discount is available only to those who are serving full-time, or Reserves or National Guard members who have orders to go on active duty. While we appreciate and thank returning soldiers for their sacrifices, the discount is not intended as a gesture of appreciation, but as preparation for war.

To receive this discount, please call or email Belle directly.


Belle T. McCormack


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.