Advanced Handgun Retention

An extension of our popular Handgun Retention and Disarming seminar, students will get a review of the core handgun retention and disarming techniques. Then, after the review, we will work on the following additional techniques:

  • Long-gun retention and disarming
  • Dynamic non-scripted attacks to drawn and holstered gun
  • Defending against multiple attackers
  • Low light retention

Pre-requisite: Handgun Retention and Disarming seminar and one retake unless you are taking both classes back to back on the same weekend.

$100 discount for retakes. Please select the correct tuition amount at checkout.

Equipment List:

  1. Leather or heavy duty canvas gloves (saves skin on hands, so should cover the fingers!)
  2. Clothing and shoes that you can move around in easily (no heavy boots, please)
  3. Safety glasses
  4. Heavy-duty holster and belt. We will lend you a dummy gun if you do not have one.
  5. Scarf or bandana for blindfold.
  6. Notebook and pen
  7. Your sack lunch and beverages
Event Event Date Capacity Register
Advanced Handgun Retention 11-06-2022 9:00 am 8
Advanced Handgun Retention 11-05-2023 9:00 am 12 Registration will be started on 11-01-2022

Venue - Firearms Academy Range

Please note that this is a private range.  There is no public access, other than for scheduled classes / events.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for driving directions, information about the range, or lodging recommendations.

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