Tactical Rifle

Tactical Rifle is a 2-day course, geared for the patrol officer or armed citizen wanting to increase proficiency with the use of the semi-auto rifle/carbine. Instruction includes use of cover, multiple targets, rapid fire, long range shooting (out to 200 yards), malfunction clearing and speed reloading, moving and shooting and shooting on moving targets, along with use of the rifle in low light environments. Students also take the challenging FAS Rifle Master Test at the end of the second day.

Pistol caliber carbines are NOT suitable for this class. We highly recommend a .223 caliber rifle of the AR-15 configuration, though semi-auto rifles of other make have done well in our rifle training. Combat type of scope such as the ACOG is acceptable, along with iron sights, of course. Iron sights do not have a disadvantage in this course.

Prerequisites: our Level 1 Rifle or equivalent from another school. Student will be required to present background check to prove no felony record, which may include a state-issued license to carry a concealed handgun, military or police identification or other form of background check prior to participation. Call before class if you have questions.

$100 discount for retakes. Must register by phone to receive discount.

Tactical Rifle Equipment List:

  1. Semi-automatic rifle with at least 5 magazines. .223 rifles of the AR-15 configuration do best in this class, though others have done all right. Fixed sights operate on parity with optics in this class.
  2. 600 rounds rifle ammunition.
  3. Rifle sling.
  4. Ear protection (you may want plugs and ear muffs) and wrap-around safety glasses (eye protection)
  5. Kneepads.
  6. A billed baseball cap
  7. Clothing appropriate for a considerable amount of time outdoors.
  8. A pen and notebook
  9. Your lunch and beverages.

Notes: If your rifle is equipped with an optical sighting device, please bring the owner’s manual for the device to aid in sight-in and adjustments.

Event Date Capacity Register
10-17-2020 10:00 am 13
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
02-27-2021 10:00 am 16
05-29-2021 10:00 am 16

Venue - Firearms Academy Range

Please note that this is a private range.  There is no public access, other than for scheduled classes / events.  Contact us for driving directions, information about the range, or lodging recommendations.

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